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About Us – Alex Ledbrooke

About Us

I’m Alex Ledbrooke and I started fishing when I was just four years old. I grew up on the coast where my fascination and love of the outdoors and all things fishy developed.  Over the years my fishing interests have grown and if it’s got fins I’ve probably tried to catch it.  I started sea fishing on the south coast of Devon on the sea walls at Dawlish.  I was soon tackling the Exeter Canal with a 3 meter fishing rod my parents bought mewhilst on holiday in France.  That little rod caught literally thousands of fish!  I was fortunate to receive coaching when I was getting started and it was then that things really took off.

At 11 years old I joined a fishing Club near Exeter and was lucky to  be coached by some really experienced and enthusiastic guys.  My parents didn’t fish so any help was a bonus for all of us.  From there I learned about different species of fish and rather than just casting and hoping, I was able to refine my approach so I could target specific fish from different waters.

Over the years I’ve been very forunate and caught some truly memorable fish in some incredible places.  I’ve also met some of my best friends through fishing.

Fishing in Cornwall is more than just catching fish, I simply love being outdoors.  Just being on the bank I’ve been lucky to witness some of the very best the British countryside.  And being outside means I’ve experienced some awesome weather.  There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes.  I get huge satisfaction from a successful catch but just as much I love to see others be successful following my coaching.  I hope I can share some of that with you at one of my fishing lessons in Cornwall.

Alex Ledbrooke Fishing Bio

Experience – Fishing since 1987 in freshwater, sea and game fishing

Qualifications – Angling Trust Level 2 Coach, Post Graduate Certificate in Education, BSc Hons Envornmental Resource Management

Favourite Fishing Destination – Redmire Pool

Biggest ever fish – A Yellow Fin Tuna, 160lb!

Fishing Life

  • First fish – A Gar Fish caught age 4 from Dawlish seawall in South Devon.
  • First competition – Devon Schools competition.  11 years old, 120 kids and I won!
  • Fishing Heros – Chris Yates, a former British record holder, fantasic English eccentric and also my favourite author.
  • Most memorable catch – Too many to pick a favourite!  Battling a huge Cat Fish one night is up there as is the first Blue Shark I caught from my 14ft boat.
  • Proud moment – Aside from getting married and becoming a Dad, an article published in the international magazine Carp World was pretty cool.
  • Scariest moment when fishing – Fishing one night on a reservoir in Cornwall in the strongest storm hanging on to my bivvy so it didn’t blow away!
  • Funniest moment – Definitely catching a shoe!  You couldn’t make it up, I had quite an audience too.
  • Weirdest moment – Can I say the shoe again?
  • Ambitions still to acheive – So many!  Catch a Salmon, a really big Bass, a bigger boat, my own lake, and to encourage more young people and women into this wonderful sport.

Fishing Tips and Videos

  • Salmon fishing in Cornwall

Salmon Fishing in Cornwall – My first experience, and it’s a good one!

One of the wonderful things about fishing in Cornwall and anywhere in the world, is that there are some many different experiences that can be enjoyed.  Some people specialise in catching one particular species of fish and become experts at at.  For some freshwater anglers in the UK that might be targetting large Carp or for the sea anglers it [...]

  • casting lesson

Maggi the 72 years young natural and her first casting lesson

Throughout my fishing life, the sport has introduced me to some absolutely brilliant people and had it not been for our interest in fishing it's fair to say our paths would never have crossed.  The latest lesson was another case of exactly that.  I received the following email, "Message Body: hi , am hoping that you give lessons to beginners [...]


I attended the School of Fish course entitled “Get Back Into angling – Predator Fishing” last Saturday morning at Porth reservoir. I have to say that rarely has three hours passed so quickly and it is not often that I have found an instructor, in any field, so competent, succinct and amusing as Alex. The morning was a perfect balance of instruction and personal involvement and I am already arranging to attend further courses with my son in law, who was so enthused by my description on the morning’s proceedings that he wishes to become involved. Many thanks Alex

Mike Willmore

Having recently been disabled not only has my mobility suffered greatly but my confidence had taken a huge knock also. My hobby of sea fishing had to end and I hoped to find a way to return to freshwater fishing. I found by chance the pike fishing lesson with Alex and signed up hoping for a little guidance. Never mind ‘guidance’, Alex thoroughly covered all aspects each of the fishing methods with his knowledge,considerate attitude to both venue and fish handling. Alex took extra care and put forward options for me to help overcome any difficulties posed my health and I am now ready to take up fishing once again thanks to Alex. Could not recommend his lessons more highly. Martin

Martin Massey

Thanks Alex. A great introduction to coarse fishing. The excellent guidance and instruction made for a very enjoyable Sunday morning.
With the very reasonable cost of equipment and membership ( with access to six beautiful well stocked lakes all year round)I would like to buy the essential gear and join the club as soon as possible.
Your easy teaching skills and laid back approach was really appreciated.
Highly recommended to anyone thinking about how to start coarse fishing – go the Alex !!

Howard Williams

What a great introduction to fishing. After only a few minutes my son and myself were hooking up bait and casting off. Such a lovely evening, thoroughly recommend it.

Lynne and Caiden


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