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Waterside Fishery

All of The School Of Fish lessons are delivered the excellent Waterside Fishery in mid-Cornwall.  There are three lakes to chose from that are perfect for your fishing experience.  They have been chosen for both their fantastic fishing and their beautiful and quiet surroundings.  I will always select a lake that I feel will help us have the best chance of achieving your goals on the day.

Beginners' Fishing

Long Island and Wood Pool

There are two lakes well suited to beginners, Wood Pool and Long Pool.  Both lakes are well stocked with a good variety of fish that start at just a few inches long up to some great big carp weighing well over ten pounds!  There’s Roach, Rudd, Bream, Perch some Tench, a few Gudgeon and some hard fighting Carp. 

Long Island is the bigger of the two with loads of space for lots of people to enjoy and still have plenty of space.  The swims have good platforms that are well suited to safe fishing.

Wood Pool is a little gem and hidden away in a beautiful old woods.  You can really escape the rat race at this gorgeous little lake and become totally engrossed in the excellent fishing.

Waterside Beginners Fishing_Alex and Laurie

Carp Fishing

Carp Fishing

It is the large carp in Moorland Lake that is of greatest interest to many of the fishery’s visitors.  The carp in here average double figures and grow to mid-twenties!  It’s only a small lake and it holds a good stock of fish, but don’t be fooled, it’s not easy.  It presents a great challenge and those who succeed get great rewards, there are some stunning fish to catch. 

Moorland Carp

Fishery Rules, Prices and Contact

Day Ticket – prices for all lakes

  • Adults – £8
  • Children under 16 – £5
  • Children under 5 – free
  • OAP (over 60) – £5

Evening Ticket – prices for all lakes

  • April-September after 5pm
  • October-March after 2pm
  • Adults – £5
  • Children under 16 – £3
  • Children under 5 – free
  • OAP (over 60) – £3

Day tickets are to be purchased before entering the lakes at the shed as you enter the main car park to the left of you. You must fill out your day ticket and place the yellow copy in the envelope provided with your money and post it in the letter box to the other building on the left as you leave the ticket shed.

Tickets will be checked regularly by bailiffs and syndicate members wearing a badge.


  • Times – Fishing hours are 7am until dusk with no setting up or entering the lakes until 7am.
  • No Overnight fishing.
  • There are toilet facilities on site.
  • No alcohol is to be consumed on the lakes.
MOORLAND LAKE is for the more experienced carp anglers. There are a mixed species of carp with an average weight of 10lb up to 25lb plus. Please make sure you have the proper angling equipment to fish this lake. Syndicate members have the right to remove you from any of the lake if you do not have the right equipment.
LONG ISLAND is for pleasure anglers and match angler with mixed species of fish including common and mirror carp into double figures, as well as quality roach, rudd, bream and tench. Mixed catches of 50lb are common and the lake record stands at 156lb.
WOOD POOL is for pleasure anglers also with a good variety of fish. This lake is situated around the back of the complex just follow the road around the back and onto the gravel road.

Wood Pool - Waterside Fishery

Waterside Fishery_Wood Pool_Aerial View

Long Island - Waterside Fishery

Waterside Fishery_Long Island_Aerial VIew

Moorland - Waterside Fishery

Waterside Fishery_Moor Land_Aerial VIew

Fishing Tips and Videos

Fishing News and Adventures

Make the most of those really special mornings

I have had some success if your measure of success is catching fish but honestly, when the mornings are as beautiful as they have been, I pack up at 6:55am and head for work just as happy (well, nearly as happy) as I would if I had caught. 

The wheels nearly came off!

The wheels nearly came off! No damage to the boat or the car but the trailer axle is confirmed to be f#cked! So that’s now say waiting for a part with a lead-time of around six weeks. The bank balance is also in for a nasty shock. The joy of boats!


Could not recommend his lessons more highly

Having recently been disabled not only has my mobility suffered greatly but my confidence had taken a huge knock also. My hobby of sea fishing had to end and I hoped to find a way to return to freshwater fishing. I found by chance the pike fishing lesson with Alex and signed up hoping for a little guidance. Never mind ‘guidance’, Alex thoroughly covered all aspects each of the fishing methods with his knowledge,considerate attitude to both venue and fish handling. Alex took extra care and put forward options for me to help overcome any difficulties posed my health and I am now ready to take up fishing once again thanks to Alex. Could not recommend his lessons more highly. Martin


AIM Award Qualification for young Samuel

A few memories of a job very well done! Samuel has now completed his Aim Award qualification, in ‘Angling & the Environment’. It has been a fantastic course, including environmental matters, biology, science, the water cycle, pollution, habitat management, fish species, conservation and more – plus some fantastic fishing skills….A massive Thank you to Dean Asplin and The Angling Trust who have sponsored Samuel to do the course and have backed his pathway into the Angling Industry.
Also, a huge thank you to ‘The School of Fish’ coach, Alex Ledbrooke, who has not only coached and guided Samuel throughout the course, but who has given both Samuel and I, a deeper insight into the wonderful world of angling and the environment….Amazing!

They had a fantastic day on the lake with Alex!

I booked a carp fishing lesson for my partner and brother in laws, who all tell me they had a fantastic day on the lake with Alex! They went over to Newquay on Sunday and along with picking up new skills throughout the day, they had multiple catches between them. Alex is not only knowledgeable and passionate about what he does, but a super nice guy as well – we’ll be highly recommending to anyone looking to improve skills or take up fishing as a hobby! Thanks again!


The morning was a perfect balance of instruction and personal involvement

I attended the School of Fish course entitled “Get back into angling – predator fishing” last Saturday morning at Porth reservoir.

I have to say that rarely has three hours passed so quickly and it is not often that I have found an instructor, in any field, so competent, succinct and amusing as Alex.

The morning was a perfect balance of instruction and personal involvement and I am already arranging to attend further courses with my son in law, who was so enthused by my description on the mornings proceedings that he wishes to become involved.

Many thanks Alex


Any questions?

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