How can I catch a Crucian Carp?

Crucian Carp (Carassius carassius) are one of the the smallest members of the Carp family native to the UK.  The British record is 4lb 10oz, so way below it’s King Carp cousin, but tackled with a light balanced set-up, they are a great fighting fish, perfect for the summer months.

Catching Crucian Carp

  1. Find a water that contains Crucian Carp.  You can’t catch what isn’t in front of you.  A list of Crucian Carp fisheries is has been published by The Crucian Carp website.  One of my favourites in Cornwall is Oakside Fishery.
  2. Float fishing for Crucian Carp is the traditional approach.  Use a 12-13ft flaot rod balanced with a small fixed spool reel loaded 4-5lb line.  A hook length of around 3lbs and a size 16 hook is a great starting place.
  3. Plumb the depth accurately at the start of your session.  Look for the bottom of the marginal shelf and fish here.  Ideally there will be some bankside cover and/or weed beds near by.  Set your float so the bait is just touching the bottom.
  4. Bait for catching Crucian Carp can be almost anything. Everyone has their favourite but try maggots, sweetcorn, luncheon meat, casters and pellets.  If the water holds lots of small fish, avoid maggots.
  5. Use a delicate presentation and set your float so only the tip is showing.  You’re likely to be fishing close in so a small float can be used.  Strike quickly as the float is going down.



Join The School Of Fish for a lesson on one of the idlyic lakes to catch your first ever Crucian Carp.