How do I take great photos of the fish I catch?

Getting a great photo of the fish you catch helps make the memory last a lifetime.  It can be done on your own but needs a little practice to get great consistent results. Once you’ve practised with your setup, you can recreate great self-take fishing photos time and time again.  Once you got that mastered, you can great creative.  With so many good cameras now included in smartphones as well as very affordable small tripods, you never need to show people poor photos of your catch of a lifetime lying on an unhooking mat, you can lift it up for the camera and share it in all it’s glory!

Taking great fishing photos

  1. Get a tripod, a cheap one is fine.
  2. Choose a plain background with limited contrast.
  3. Clear all your tackle and any litter out of the frame.
  4. Kneel about an arm’s length from the camera lens.
  5. Kneel over a soft surface or unhooking matt in case the fish jumps.
  6. Hold the fish up in the frame so you’re photographing you and your catch and nothing else.
  7. Practice, practice, practice!


Join The School Of Fish for a lesson and if you like, we can include self-take fish photography in the session.

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