How do I unhook a fish?

Catching a fish might feel like the hard bit, but what do you do when you land the fish?  You need to be able to quickly remove the hook and return the fish.  The first time you do this can be quite daunting but with this simple giude and our simple fish dummy, you’ll have the technique perfected in no time so when that first fish does come along, it’ll be easy.

How do you unhook a fish?

  1. If you can see the hook, use your finger and thumb to gently push the hook in the opposite direction to which it’s entered the fish, this is generally back into the fish’s mouth.
  2. If you can’t reach the hook, use a disgoger.
  3. Slide the line down the barrel of the disgorger and into the fish’s mouth. Remember to keep the line tight.
  4. Push until you feel the disgorger stop on the hook.
  5. Now push down gently to release the hook before carefully drawing the disgorger out and extracting the hook. Practice makes perfect!


Join The School Of Fish for a lesson and I’ll make sure you know how to unhook a fish quickly with and without a disgorger.