How do I catch Perch with Prawns?

How can I catch Perch using Prawns for bait?

The Perch (Peca fluviatilis) is in my opinion one of the best looking freshwater fish in the UK.  The huge spikey dorsal fin, bold stripes and red/orange fins make this a really handsome fish.  In recent years there has been a boom in big Perch fishing from many waters where they have been neglected and they have been thriving.  They make an excellent target during the winter months when other species slow down their feeding habits.  Using large baits can help single out the largest specimens and any fish over two pounds will give you an excellent fight.

  1. Find a lake that contains Perch.  You can’t catch it if it’s not there.
  2. Look around the lake for areas with cover; weed and overhanging trees are perfect.
  3. Use a 12ft float fishing rod rated for use with a 4-6lb line.
  4. Plumb the water depth and fish with you bait on or very close to the bottom.
  5. Use large worms of prawns for bait.  These are proven catchers of large Perch.
  6. Use a size 12-8 hook and remember to strike early to avoid deep hooked fish.


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