2022 Fishing Lesson Dates

I must stop saying things like, “where does the time go?”, but my goodness the last 12-months have passed in a blur.  For everyone the last couple of years have been incredibly tough with COVID presenting challenges to us all.  However, we have seen a boom in fishing participation and the lessons I ran in 2021 were busy and a lot of fun.

I ran things a little differently last year and it worked well for me and the feedback from the people that fished with me was also really positive so I aim to do more of the same this year.  I’m delivering to themes, family fishing introductions and fishing for your well-being.  At their heart, both are about just getting out on the bank and having fun whilst safely getting to grips with fishing.  The family fishing events are a bit shorter and are just that quick taster and the chance for everyone in the session to catch their first fish. 

The fishing for your well-being sessions are something which is close to my heart and I will continue to deliver.  These sessions are in the evenings and offer people the chance to come along and relax whilst discovering if fishing is something that can benefit their well-being.  I love how many people are coming along to these sessions to unwind for a couple of hours after work and evening the (hopefully) sunny summer evenings.

If I can I will add more dates to this year’s calendar.  I do this for the love of it, it doesn’t pay any bills, it just covers the cost of tackle and bait.  If I can fit in a few more dates in between family time and work then I’ll get them posted and shared.

It’d be great to meet new faces this year.  If you have any questions, please do ask.

Alex with a Roach
Alex with a Roach