Big ones at last!

The School of Fish - Bass fishing in Cornwall

Third cast and here come the “wild swimmers” to whom I remarked, “which one of us looks more daft, you or me!?”.  It was 6:30am, dark and fresh.  I kind of admired their adventure but I wasn’t about to swap my fishing rod for a pair of speedos!

For the love of Crucian Carp

The School of Fish - Crucian Carp

Looking back through my May photos, I think the March weather saying, “in like a lion, out like a lamb” would be spot on. May started with temperatures still low with wet and windy weather. Typing now at the end of the month, it’s hot!

A fish of a lifetime

The School of Fish - Natalie and Callun making memories

It’s April and the fishing lesson fun has begun! The long daylight hours and the increasing (slightly) temperatures have got the fish on the move and on the feed and everything just feels a bit easier.