Wet, Wet, Wet!

Looking out of the window it feels like ground-hog day, it’s raining, AGAIN!

March has been a really grim month but at a least the reservoirs are full again so if the local water authority don’t let all the water leak out over the roads, we should be able to use our hosepipes.

After a pretty dire February is was determined to start March by just catching a fish, ANYTHING!  A friend pointed out a lake nearby that had been re-opened after 30 years of neglect.  It had been stocked with carp and only a handful of people had fished it.  It sounded ideal.  I found the lake on the map, as you do, booked online for my ticket (never done that before), and put a couple of rods in the car for a quick couple of hours after work on a Friday afternoon. 

The weather was cold, in fact it started sleeting on arrival, but the enthusiasm for any new lake can cover up all but the worst weather.  I did as I always do when arriving at a lake, boots on, polaroids on and off for a lap or two to see what’s what.  The lake is around 2 acres and has a nice shape with a few islands, bays and plenty of snags.  A few swims have been constructed as the new owners get it ready for the new season of “glampers” they’ll hope to attract.  It really was cold and the northerly wind was hacking around the lake.  There were a couple of sheltered areas that were full of snags, this was the obvious place to start.  I wasn’t sure what to expect so opted for simple method feeders packed with attraction and little yellow hook baits popped-up in the middle.  Really simple, easy to recast quickly at any shows and if there’s was anything at home, this should find it.

In short, two hours later I’d caught my much longed for fish and lots more too but they were all small commons that looked like they were in need of a snack.  Whilst the romance of a neglected lake fills the head with thoughts of uncaught giants, the truth is much less likely.  Unless the water is very rich, the fish will have little to eat and so they aren’t likely to be big.  And, in this part of the world, any quiet piece of water with fish in going to be visited by Otters.  So the excitement quickly passed and whilst I’d got out and caught some fish and given an itch a very gentle scratch, is was all still quiet on the fishing front.

There were a couple of weather windows and so, rather than getting my own kit out for a go, I took the kids.  They have enjoyed some great fishing at Waterside Fishery getting amongst the variety of species in Long Island Lake and Wood Pool.  They did let me have one cast and I winkled out a little Tench much to our delight.  That’s the most spring-like thing I have experienced so far this year!

Lots of people have been in touch throughout the winter keen to go for a fishing lesson.  I’ve been reluctant as when it’s cold and wet and the fishing potentially slow, it’s not the fun experience I want to share.  But, with the kids catching plenty and the evenings starting to draw out we went for it.  We were sooo lucky with the weather.  In the sun, out the wind and it felt, dare I say it, warm!  It was lovely to welcome back familiar faces and some new ones too.  After a quick briefing and re-cap on casting, baiting, using a disgorger and advice on how not to fall in, we were straight into fish.  Nothing massive but a nice mix of Roach, Rudd and Bream.  As the sun dipped around 5:30 the temperature dropped too and so by six o’clock, whilst everyone was still catching fish, we wrapped things up.  We’d had some fun and beaten the weather.  That’ll do for me. 

There’s a couple of fishing lessons in April.  The first one on April 13th is already fully booked so the next one will be on April 23rd, an evening session between 6 – 7:30pm. 

A handful of Roach

And then right at the end of the month I got a new toy.  Hopefully I’ve got some good stories and maybe even a picture or two when the wind calms down and I can get out to use it.

Have a great month, good luck and pray for sunshine!